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Carol's Blog
"anyone can face a crisis,it's this day to day life that will kill you"
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I switched to Google Blog, I mean I have moved everything else why not blogs?

Carol's new blog

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Neal: As much fun as I've had on this little journey, I'm sure one day I'll look back on it and laugh.
Del: [giggles] Are you sure?
Neal: [starts chuckling] Oh God. I'm laughing already.

Dialogue from Planes Trains and Automobiles. A truly great movie I watch every Thanksgiving.
So I suggest renting it.

Well almost turkey day here folks. Looking forward to it and the down time in general. I understand everyone annoyance with holidays, but I enjoy Thanksgiving. I find it less pressure since we started to go out to dinner. And I just enjoy the vibe of it.
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I think I have been watching too much Paula Dean ala the food network.
Have been watching some cooking shows, I love that. Not sure why...why do we like to see people make food
and then eat it?

Well a weekend is upon us. Sigh. Today I head off to Dominican college for the Marin Fringe Festival. Yes this is the one I have plays in. Then Sunday is a small gathering to celebrate my new digs.

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So today I did some exploring in my NEW home, Point Richmond CA. So I walked around and then walked through this tunnel where you happen upon the water, yes the bay by the Richmond/San Rafael bridge. It is truly lovely and nice to NOT see any signs of an oil spill. I really love it here.

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So I had a rather interesting experience yesterday. I went to a local book store and was tooling around when I got this odd wave of ...well compassion while in the self help aisle. I mean while usually a place easy to scorn, the self help orgy, this time it really touched me. Heck look at all the people reaching out for help. So what popped into my head and my heart was this feeling of at least they are trying. And isn't it all out of a basic disconnect, the elders, normally a source of wisdom are shut out in our culture. Places where people of previous eras and cultures would seek guidance are out cast, ignored. Church has scandals, elders become stereotypes. So instead of the usual ridicule I felt the above mentioned compassion. It was liberating really. I FELT for people rather than the urge to make fun...like *I* am any better anyways.

Then for some reason I wandered down another aisle and picked up a Jung book, and opened to a page randomly...well guess what it was about? You guessed it, how the elders are shut out of society, how now they often compete with the young people rather than enlighten them. And here recently I was poo pooing Jung's idea of Synchronicity, or "there are no accidents". I was a bit dazed at that, I mean I TRULY picked a random page to read folks. Sigh, well what I don't know is a lot. And I leave it that way.

What is the quote? A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

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Well did more work on my short "Lesbian Rhapsody" included some ideas that 'Les had.
I took it to playcafe and was pleasantly surprised at positive response. So going to send it to Marin and hopefully stage this puppy.

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So last night I decided to saunter over (across the street) to Masquers Theater here in Pt Richmond. Well let me tell you the audience was the best part, all locals and they were so into it. The show was great campy fun. I met a Costumer and the Box office guy, got to see a great show, Little Mary Sunshine and then walk half a block home.

Here is their next season, starting in January:

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Funny how we get this feeling...Anyways, I left work early yesterday to meet the cleaning people to help me with my move out, and it hits me, crap I am putting a lot of trust in someone I don't know. if they don't show up for instance, I am stuck with no cleaners, and I need to turn in keys that night. Sure enough...the woman bails on me at last minute. Now I have two choices, I can keep the keys and pay more pro-rated rent and try to find someone else do it. OR just do it myself. I opt for version 2. So rush to store, pick up about 50 bucks worth of supplies, and just dive in. 10 years is a lot to move out, and that includes grime. So after 4 grueling hours of walls scrubbing and bleaching the floor, I turn out the lights and shut the door...and that's it. 11 years of living somewhere...over. I drop the keys peacefully at landlords. But I don't have to deal with it anymore....

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The above photo is of intersection very near my old place, I drove in for the last time and did final pick ups.
Looked around my apartment one last time, I think I have seen too many movies where someone does that and the images of the past come forth. Ok nostalgia is very self indulgent I know...but I can't help it...here I go.. I moved in in late summer 1996. I used to say I lived there cause of my friend Kim's dog Kita...see SHE lived next door cause it was one of only two places in Alameda that took dogs, so she found me my place next door. I didn't really care much for Alameda at first, I thought it too hokey. But the rent was great and I was in flux at the time, didn't have a job even, but needed a place. Soon it grew on me. It has these great bike trails including the only bike draw bridge in the US --->

My building at the time had this gruff but good hearted manager (see i HAVE seen too many TV movies...) He had an edge, but was really a good guy and kept order. He worked on the yard for his therapy and had a friendship with the landlords son. All the tenants got along and we were friends. One great memory was when there was a power outage one hot summer night we all sat on the front stoop, just like the old days before air conditioning when people actually did that. Well John moved out a few years back and things steadily went downhill. I think I didn't fully accept it until lately.

Well I know all things must change and I now can create more new memories in my new place.

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